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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Benefits of homemade cooking – Less Waste

When I starting writing my about me post or the typical blog mission statement about its purpose and what and why I was starting this blog I had to start myself a little on the “Whys” since I was getting a little long winded.  Instead I decided to break this up into a few smaller posts about the various topics.  The first of these is less waste.

Now this can be taken two ways one on the environmental side due to the fact that by eliminating the increased number of packaged foods there should be a direct correlation to the number of items going into the trash. 

The other side is reducing food waste.  Unfortunately when you go to the store food comes in predefined quantities, if you only need four tortillas for your meal the other eight unless you are creative with other meals will end up in the trash which is not exactly good for the environment and your pocketbook. 

When you control the amount of food you prepare, you can directly reduce your waste output and save even more money as detailed in my Homemade versus Store Bought series since you are only producing what you are consuming.  But given the difference in taste so far we have had zero waste from my homemade experimentation.

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